lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Strange Fruta


“Southern trees bear a strange fruit
Blood at the leaves and blood at the root…”

But the southern fence
Bears an even stranger sight
Dismembered human bodies
Multiplying on both sides
Thousands and thousands of migrants
Funneled through the desert left to die
The pears rotted in the orchard this year
No hummingbirds arrived.

They were hunted down by the minute men
Another act of patriotism to save
America the blessed
From those dirty Mexicans,
From those terrorists, from those jornaleros
Over there pissing on the corner
No shame, I tell you, no education
Stealing the jobs, stealing the dreams of America

Typical scene of a border town
No civil rights, no right at all
Neoliberal thinking and the NAFTA trade
Have unleashed an epidemic of femicidal rage
Morenita linda, niña de Guatemala,
Obrera en Cd Juárez,
En Nogales o en Tijuana,
Your sacred body gang raped and torn to pieces
Has been scattered all around and consumed
By everyone...
Your legs were recently found
Buried in the desert sand
Your heart and your kidneys were flown to New York
For a very pricey transplant
Your spinal column ended up at an MD conference in Phoenix, Arizona
Courtesy of UCLA, due to an overflow of body parts
And don’t nobody knows why
The film of the brutal attack is sold in Europe and in the United States
And business is doing great, letting us all live in disgrace....

"Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck...
Here is a strange and bitter crop.”


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