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Performance Kueponcayotl Moztlitta by Raquel Delgado and the critic of the performance by Devon G. Peña

Cataluña Artist Voices Support for Arizona Struggles
Waking up. Credit: Darryl Love.
Kuenpocayotl Moztlitta

Raquel Delgado (a.k.a. RaKel Delgado) is a popular and respected performance artist from Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain. She embraces indigenous and anarchist philosophies and embodies the leading edge of protest performance art in Spain. Her work is clearly reminiscent of the oeuvre of our own Guillermo Gómez-Peña. Her own country faces phenomenal challenges in the struggles of working-class peoples against the capitalist-induced fiscal crisis which thrives under the ruse of sovereign debt and imposed austerity. Somehow, despite their own struggles, many artists in Spain are organizing to support the Chicana/o community as we continue our struggles against political repression and cultural erasure. Delgado is known as La Pocha Catalana and she has developed a performance art piece entitled “Kueponcayotl Moztlitta” – Amanecer para ver el mañana or Waking up to greet the morning.
This performance piece addresses the imposition of SB1070 and HB2281 in Arizona, identifying these as discriminatory and racist statutes. It also conveys respect for the deep-rooted sense of place and right of resistance of the Mexican-origin indigenous peoples of Arizona and the rest of Occupied America. Delgado describes the project in her own words as follows:
Sin duda, una ley que está cambiando violentamente la vida de miles de familias chicanas que han habitado estas tierras desde generaciones ancestrales y ahora tienen que dejarlo todo. [Without a doubt, this is a law that is violently changing the life of thousands of Chicana/o families that have inhabited these lands for ancestral generations and are now being asked to leave it all.]
This displacement from our native lands is not going to happen. As the Chicana/o protestors have said: Aquí estamos y no nos vamos[We are here and we are not leaving.]
From Barcelona, Delgado raises her voice in shared defiance and solidarity for the defense of Mexican and Chicana/o peoples. This creative performance is accompanied by original music from the group, Aztlán Underground.
The crew of Ancatv, as a medium of cultural communication, social and multicultural, united behind this cause to realize this audiovisual production to share with the world.
We are privileged to present the video production of this performance piece courtesy of the artist, Aztlán Underground, Ancatv, dedicated to Cultura Audiovisual.
Performer: Raquel Delgado (La Pocha Catalana)
Música: Aztlan Underground.
Realizado por: El equipo de Ancatv.

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